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We offer many services thought in your business or home needs. Please call us if you don’t see what you need in this list.


We help take care of situations such as a leaking roof, overflowing toilet, and even busted pipes. The sooner you call, the sooner we can take care of your problem. We offer 24-hour emergency water extraction & drying service. If left untreated, the water overflow may get in your walls which may cause mold or mildew to grow. Let us take care of it. We will assess the damage, gather moisture readings and extract the water. We dry out the space with special dehumidifiers or commercial fans. No need to worry. We are here to help and make this process less stressful.


Low moisture cleaning is one of the many different methods of carpet cleaning we have to offer. It is not dry cleaning and it is not widely known, but it does have many benefits.

  • No residual trace
  • Combines strong water pressure with effective cleaning agents
  • Allows for dirt particles to bind together and be easily vacuumed
  • Helps conserve water and reduce water damage on carpet to prevent development of mildew and mold

Overall, low moisture cleaning is a great option with lots of advantages. Let us help you take care of your carpet.


There are times when the natural stone is hard to look as clean as it used to. It takes a lot of work to remove those grout lines. Often, the products used may not work either. Grout, tile, and stone are porous therefore dirt and grime are absorbed into those pores. The buildup of dirt makes it hard to remove the dirt and grime with household cleaners.

How we remove the buildup of dirt:

  • Specialized cleaning solutions are used to get down deep into the tile and grout lines
  • The dirt and grime is brought up to the surface and then removed with a strong vacuum
  • To finish it off, a coat of sealer is used to help prevent soil from re-entering the freshly cleaned surface

Specific sealers keep the tile and grout protected to keep contaminants out. If the dirt stays on the surface, it can be easily cleaned. Our professional services are designed to deep clean grout lines and make your tile look as if it were new, leaving it much easier to maintain.


Our business also sells and installs all kinds of flooring! We have a variety of flooring including: taller pile, shorter pile, shag, etc. We use quality padding to produce a comfortable floor space. We also work with laminate flooring and linoleum. You are welcome to stop by and see all of our flooring options. Estimates are available beforehand for any room in your house, office or work space. Feel free to call us for all your flooring needs and/or questions.